Bonatap M40-50


BONATAP® M40-50 is an adhesive based on styrene-butadiene rubber and synthetic resins in organic solvents. After drying the adhesive creates a flexible joint; does not cause foam shrinkage. It is designed for two-sided application with a pistol.


BONATAP® M40-50 adhesive is mainly used in furniture industry for bonding upholstery materials such as: polyurethane foams (PUR), cloth, upholstery wool with each other as well as with timber, chipboards and fiberboards, etc. The adhesive can also be used in construction industry for bonding PCV, tar papers and Styrofoam. After drying BONATAP® M40-50 creates pliant flexible joint.


Appearance:                 viscous, dark-yellow or dark-pink liquid

Dry weight:                   min. 38% in accordance with PN-EN 827

Viscosity:                      KF 4 mm, outflow 50 ml min. 17 sec. in accordance with PN-EN ISO 2431

Peel strength examined after the period of 24 hours: manual, for bondings: PUR foam–PUR foam – higher than foam’s strength.

Bond shrinkage: does not appear