Bonaterm Special PP


BONATERM® SPECIAL PP-03 specialist,  one-component adhesive based on polychloroprene rubber and synthetic resins. The adhesive is characterized by very good adhesion to untreated polypropylene and other plastics, such as ABS. Adhesive joint has high thermal resistance, long open time and high peel strength.


BONATERM® SPECIAL PP-03 adhesive is designed mainly for Automotive industry. Because of the flexible and resistant joint with a high range of adhesion BONATERM® SPECIAL PP-03 can be used for bonding various materials such as polypropylene/polyethylene as well as other plastics, eg. ABS. In the Automotive industry, it is very suitable for bonding decorative materials with elements made of untreated polypropylene PP. The adhesive is designed for use by qualified personel. We advise customers to carry out their own tests in order to specify proper level of adhesion and suitability for a particular application.


Dry residue:             min 17,5%

Viscosity in accordance with Brookfield’s method: 300 ÷ 1000 mPas PN-EN 12092

Color:                        amber in different shades

Open Time:               from 20 to 120 minutes

Performance:           about 100-200 g/m2

Density:                     about 0,9 g/cm3

Peel strength:          full peel strength is acquired after the period of 48 hours after bonding.