Waterkol 3 MT

Waterkol 3 MT is a two-component, polychloroprene, water-base adhesive with addition of modifying agents. The adhesive does not contain any organic solvents. Is non-flammable and non-toxic.

Waterkol 3 MT is a very attractive alternative (completely safe and environmentally-friendly) for solvent-based adhesives for bonding upholstery materials.


Adhesive’s profile:

Appearance:    milky white or blue liquid

Dry residue:     44 ± 2 %

Viscosity according to Brookfield’s LDVD 1/100rmp:  below 50 mPa·s

Thermal resistance of the joint after cure:                  100ºC

Type of bond:                                                              flexible


Application: Waterkol 3 MT adhesive is designed for furniture industry for bonding foams, wool upholstery, felt, cotton fabrics, synthetic and natural leathers with each other and with timber, wood-based materials, cardboard. The adhesive has a very good initial grip. Adhesive joint has a very good thermal resistance.