Bonakol 53


BONAKOL® 53 is a polychloroprene contact adhesive based on special types of polychloroprene rubbers modified by synthetic resins as well as reactive fillers; owing to that, the bonding process can be carried out in room temperature without prior thermal activation. Adhesive joint has an excellent initial strength and adhesion, and the adhesive itself has long open time – over 20 hours.


BONAKOL® 53 adhesive is used in footwear industry as an assembly adhesive in a production of light and indoor footwear, for bonding natural and synthetic leathers, synthetic materials, textile materials, cloths, cardboards and some plastics. BONAKOL® 53 can be successfully used in a purse making industry.


Appearance:                 viscous yellow liquid with distinct homogenously dispersed fillers and stabilizers.

Dry weight:                   min. 20% in accordance with PN-EN 827

Viscosity:                      KF 6 mm, outflow 50 ml 40-50 sec. in accordance with PN-EN ISO 2431

Peel Strength in accordance with PN-ISO 11339, type of material: canvas-canvas:

Initial – at least 2,5 kN/m

Final – at least 4,5 kN/m

Thermal activation of the adhesive layer before bonding in a temperature of 70-80oC improves both the initial and final bond strength by about 30%.

Joint’s thermal resistance: good.