BOCHEMIA company is a manufacturer of varnishes for dyeing polyurethane and thermoplastic rubber soles as well as heels made of polystyrene PST and polybutadiene-styrene ABS. Those varnishes are manufactured in cooperation with Italian company – NUOVA S.I.V.A.M. Our professionally trained staff select varnishes in accordance with clients’ requirements and manufactures them on the basis of RAL color chart in a full range of colors. Our varnishes are intended for spray and immersion application.

Each and every item leaving our company is assigned with its own personal catalogue number, and its formula and composition are stored in our database. This ensures complete repeatability of production process.

BOCHEMIA’s varnishes are characterized by particularly good adhesion, flexibility, resistance to abrasions and light. The adhesion of our varnishes is in the first adhesion group, in accordance with PN-80 C-81531 norm (Adhesion grip index).

Varnishes for shoe soles and heels manufactured in BOCHEMIA are sold to most of the leading Polish manufacturers of these products, which attests to their high quality.