Bonaterm AS BT

BONATERM® AS-BT is a polychloroprene adhesive based on special types of chloroprene rubbers modified with special synthetic resins and other additives, so that the adhesive joint has excellent adhesion and high temperature resistance. The adhesive does not contain toluene.


Adhesive’s profile:

Appearance: viscous, light yellow to dark yellow liquid

Dry weight:    min 18% in accordance with PN-EN 827

Viscosity:       KF 4 mm, outflow 50 ml 55-60 sec. in accordance with PN-EN ISO 2431;

Peel strength in accordance with PN-ISO 11339 type of material canvas-canvas:

Initial:   at least 4,0 kN/m

Final:   at least 5,0 kN/m

Joint’s thermal resistance: very good



BONATERM® AS-BT adhesive is designed mostly for Automotive industry for repair works – for bonding foams, textiles and wood-based materials, as well as some natural and synthetic leathers with each other and with sheet metal.

BONATERM® AS-BT adhesive can also be applied in furniture industry for bonding leather and textile elements of upholstery.