Waterkol MTS-P


WATERKOL ® MTS-P is an adhesive based on aqueous polychloroprene dispersions. The adhesive does not contain any organic solvents in its formula. Is non-flammable and non-toxic. WATERKOL MTS-P is a very safe and attractive alternative for solvent-based adhesives used mostly for bonding upholstery materials.


WATERKOL ® MTS-P adhesive is designed mainly for bonding such materials as polyurethane foams, cloth, timber, fleece and other. Is also suitable for bonding cut and molded PU foam to untreated polypropylene PP. Waterkol MTS-P is designed particularly for furniture, Automotive, packaging industries and others. After drying, the adhesive forms soft and pliant joint.


Appearance:            milky white to pink liquid

Viscosity:                  Brookfield LDVD – about 200 mPa.s

Density:                     about 1,0 g/cm3

Peel Strength in accordance with PN EN ISO 2431 type of material: canvas-canvas:  at least 2 kN/m

Peel strength

For a bond PU foam-PU foam:  higher than foams’s strength

Adhesive joint’s thermal resistance:  - about  100oC

Open time during application :                               

- two-component c. 1 - 10 minutes

- one-component  c. 0,5 – 5  minutes

Consumption: about 80 – 150 g/m2 depending on porosity of bonded material and adhesive application process.