Bonapur BA EBT

BONAPUR® BA EBT  is manufactured on the basis of special thermoplastic polyurethanes and modifiers and, owing to that, it stands out due to low crystallization rate. The adhesive, due to specific properties of starting materials, can be used for bonding different types of materials without the need for prior thermal activation of bond. It should be noted that thermal activation strengthens the adhesive bond. It has increased strength indicators.

The adhesive can be used as one-component and two-component, eg. with the addition of 3-5% hardener Quidur 246-06.


Adhesive’s profile:

Appearance:  colourless to light yellow liquid, transparent with a clear turbidity (also available in color, eg. black)

Dry weight:     17-21% in accordance with PN-EN 827

Viscosity:         KF 6 mm, outflow 50 ml 55-65 sec. in accordance with PN-EN ISO 2431;

Peel strength in accordance with PN-ISO 11339 type of material canvas-canvas:

initial:     at least 2,5 kN/m

final:       at least 3,5 kN/m

Hydrolysis resistance: good, increases in two-component systems.



BONAPUR® BA EBT adhesive is designed for shoe industry, as well as for shoe repair, for bonding natural and synthetic leather and for bonding cloth with shoe soles made of polyurethane, soft PVC and the rubber after prior halogenation. Can also be used in other industries for bonding above mentioned materials.