Waterkol MT


WATERKOL MT is an adhesive based on aqueous polychloroprene and acrylic dispersions. The adhesive does not contain any organic solvents in its formula. Is non-flammable and non-toxic.

Waterkol MT is a very safe and attractive alternative for solvent-based adhesives used mosty for bonding upholstery materials.


Waterkol MT is designed for bonding flexible polyurethane foam, latex foam, cloths, polyester fiber, jute, Rockwool and other types of materials as well as metal sheet and Styrofoam. Waterkol MT is particularly designed for furniture, packaging, Automotive industries and others branches of industry, where foam and other porous substrates are commonly used.


Appearance:            milky white or pink liquid

Dry weight:               55 ± 3 %

Viscosity according to Brookfield’s LDVD in accordance with PN ISO 2555: 180 - 500 mPas

Peel Strength in accordance with PN EN ISO 2431 type of material: canvas-canvas:

at least 2,5 kN/m

Peel Strength

For a bond PU foam-PU foam:     higher than foams’s strength

Boiling point:           100º C

Freezing point:         0º C

Adhesive joint's thermal resistance:    100º C

Waterkol MT’s adhesive joint is characterized by high level of flexibility.