Bonapur FEST


BONAPUR® FEST is a polyurethane adhesive, produced from special polyurethanes modified by the addition of isocyanates (hardeners). This adhesive does not contain toluene in its formula. BONAPUR® FEST is designed for footwear industry as one-component adhesive. It has a very high initial strength and is resistant to high temperatures.


BONAPUR® FEST adhesive is mainly designed for footwear industry for bonding natural and synthetic leather with soles made from polyurethanes, soft PVC and halogenated thermoplastic rubber. BONAPUR® FEST can also be used for bonding textiles, wood, cork, steel and aluminum.


Appearance:            colorless liquid with clear opacity (also available in color, eg. black)

Dry weight:               min. 17% in accordance with PN-EN 827

Viscosity:                  KF 6 mm, outflow 50 ml 52-62 sec. in accordance with PN-EN ISO 2431;

Peel Strength in accordance with PN-ISO 11339 type of material: canvas-canvas:

Initial – at least  4,0 kN/m

Final – at least 5,5 kN/m

Hydrolysis resistance: very good