Waterkol D3


WATERKOL D3 is an adhesive based on aqueous dispersion of polyvinyl acetate.  Meets the requirements of water resistance in accordance with DIN EN 204. Waterkol D3 bonds quickly and, in elevated temperatures, short pressing times are possible. After curing, adhesive joint has good water resistance, as well as, high mechanical strength.


Waterkol D3 is designed for bonding interior construction elements subjected to constant, short-term contact with water or prolonged exposure to humid air, as well as for exterior elements protected from direct influence of atmospheric conditions; for window paper veneers, veneers in static press (forni, battens, laminates); veneering laminates in presses, bonding and gluing the mounting body with medium compression times with heating, gluing butt and block hardwood, softwood and chipboard.


Joint’s color after curing:   colorless

Viscosity in accordance with KF 10 mm: 20-50 sec.

Dry residue:                          50 ± 2%

pH:                                          3-4

The minimum temperature of film formation: 9° C

Open time:                             8-12 minutes

Full curing time:                    24 h (water resistance fully acquired after 7 days)

Flammability:                          non-flammable