Waterkol D2


Waterkol D2 is one-component adhesive based on aqueous dispersion of polyvinyl acetate. After curing, adhesive joint has good water resistance (meets the requirements of D2 class in accordance with PN-EN204), as well as, high mechanical strength.



Waterkol D2 adhesive is designed for cold bonding of elements made of various types of wood, plywood, chipboards and other wood-based materials;  Waterkol D20 is also a contact adhesive for soft wood and chipboard, for laminating chipboards with wood-based veneers; for manual bonding of boxed furniture and for veneering surfaces with laminates.



Joint’s color after curing:                       colorless

Type of joint:                                         flexible

Viscosity according to KF ø10mm:        15 – 40 sec.

Dry residue:                                          45 – 54%

pH:                                                        5-7

Density in 20°C:                                    c. 1,1g/cm3

Pressing Time in 20°C:                         15 – 20 minutes

Pressure of pressing:                            0,2 – 0,6 N/mm2

Open Time:                                           5 – 7 minutes

Full curing time:                                     24h

Flammability:                                          non-flammable