Bonakol EVA

Bonakol EVA

Bonakol EVA is a high quality polychloroprene contact adhesive based on special types of chloroprene rubbers modified by synthetic resins and other additives; owing to that, adhesive joint has an excellent adhesion to soles made of EVA copolymer. The adhesive has a colorless joint.


Bonakol EVA adhesive is designed for footwear industry. As a contact adhesive, it is used for bonding natural leather, cloth and some synthetic materials with soles (especially ones made of EVA copolymers) as well as rubber, thunit, foam rubber and natural leather. Can also be used to bind polyolefin foams, such as polyethylene foams with EPDM and others. For bonding polypropylene, polyethylene, EVA copolymers and other difficult to bond plastics, in case of insufficient adhesion, it is advised to use base/foundation trade named Bonaros EVA Primer or Bonaros 3ME according to the manual.


Appearance:                 viscous liquid the color of straw

Dry weight:                    19-23% in accordance with PN-EN 827

Viscosity:                        KF 6mm, outflow 50 ml 30-50 sec. in accordance with PN-EN ISO 2431

BROOKFIELD LVD revolutions 12, spindle no 3 1500-4500 mPas