Bonaterm HP-17


BONATERM® HP-17  is ready to use, polychloroprene contact adhesive based on special types of chloroprene rubbers modified by special types of synthetic resins and other additives.


BONATERM® HP-17 adhesive is designed for industrial applications. It is used for bonding chipboards, plywood, fiberboards, HPL/CPL/GPR laminates with each other and with cloth, wood, metal, felt, rubber, hard foams. Adhesive joint has high thermal resistance. We advise customers to carry out their own tests in order to specify proper level of adhesion and suitability for a particular application.


Appearance:              viscous, red liquid with distinct homogenously dispersed light stabilizers.

Dry weight:                 15-18 % in accordance with PN-EN 827

Viscosity:                    KF 4 mm, outflow 50 ml - about 22-28 sec. in accordance with PN-EN ISO 2431;

Brookfield LDVD revolutions 50, spindle 2 – 200-400 mPa.s

Density:                       about 0,8 g/cm3

Performance:              about 9-11 m2 out of 1 kg of adhesive (with one-sided application)

Open time:                   up to about 40 minutes

Drying time:                 up to about 10 minutes depending on ambient conditions and application method